Pong JS

I finally had a bit of time to work on my projects, and the first Arcade game isĀ  playable at least.

Git repo here

Demo here

Left Paddle Up [ A ] – Down [ Z ]

Right Paddle Up [ Arrow Up ] – Down [ Arrow Down ]

Coming up: Tetris, Snake and Arkanoid

Leaflet Closest Places

Leaflet based app that get your current location and return the closest 5 markers.
Markers places are stored in a GeoJSON file (currently just a bunch of random England locations).

Github project here


Coin Toss

Built using D3 JavaScript library, this graphic show the distribution of Head and Cross over 1000 tosses.

The Y axis automatically set the range according the min and max values reached by the sum of launches (Head = +1 and Cross = -1), so all the data is always visible.

X axis stick to the 0 of the Y axis.

=> Demo

=> GitHub repository