Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Trevor, Wales

Lenovo (IBM) family

I have been Mac user since 2003, but since 2011 I discovered how good and versatile are the IBM (now Lenovo) machines.

There’s a reason why ThinkPads are widely used in the ISS: this machines are so reliable, easy to maintain and fix, compatible with most Linux distros and most important: hackable!

Starting with a X60s, when I was looking for something portable and powerful enough to carry when travelling, I ended up with a collection of Lenovo machines.

Here the current list, but more to come, of course!

P510: hi spec workstation for my wife, data analysis. Linux / W10

X250: wife’s work laptop

X230: i7 CPU version, SIM network, my laptop. W10 / Linux on USB

X240: wife’s everyday laptop. W10

X60s: consolle laptop (Traktor). W7

X60t: used as graphic tablet (Photoshop, projects, notes…). W7 Tablet

M58p: 6163 version, used to program Arduino and other electronic projects. Linux

E530: wife’s old everyday laptop, broken, will reborn as retroconsole emu. Linux

ThinkVision T2220: my main station secondary screen

My main machine is a Mac, but I am planning to change soon.

Campervan: July updates

So far, the insulation has been done using a close cell spray foam.

It provide a good thermal and acoustic insulation, but is a bit messy to apply and quite expensive. I won’t use it again and go for thermal panels next time.

Rear ladder has been installed and the bike rack and the solar panels are ready to be installed to, unfortunately I had to create (a company is making it) some custom stainless steel parts:

  • t-nuts for the solar panel due the non-standard roof rail.
  • left hand plate for the bike rack, due the installation on the left side.

But we did not resist to spend one night in Wales and test the comfort of the van


Today I tested the Navigator, I will write a post (with full instructions and code!) about some changes that I made to solve some problems, meanwhile a some media that show the idea of the final design.


The bed is under design, I have been in contact with a company near home to discuss about. Here’s a sketch: