Alestorm & Korpiklaani

Severn, Shrewsbury & Ironbridge


RAF Museum Cosford

Wrekin and Horsehay

Melody Mod #3

The first release of the mod is ready and available for XBOX!

Using the material layer to overwrite the Dogmeat model has been successful, basic interactions has been set and is possible to trade (should have a 500 weight limit), set to stay and go home (only to the finding location for now).

I will test in game for now and start to work on some upgrades:

  • selectable home destination
  • create a mini quest to enable the follower
  • improve dialogue tree and options
  • setup the sneaking behaviour
  • create some special action to ‘calm down’ animal enemies
  • create a interaction with couch elements



Ellesmere & Chirk Castle

For Cecilia’s birthday we had a lovely weekend near Ellesmere

Navigator #11

Since a while without updates regarding the project, some news:

I decided to use Go instead of C++ for faster development and keep a reasonable lightweight. Main OS will be DietPi with i3, way more lighter than Raspian distros, even if need some more configuration, I am happy with this choice

The case and the connections need improvements, I want to merge most wires in a single socket.

There are some issues with the power feeding, powering the monitors outside the RPi does not seem to solve that, especially when all the peripherals are connected, may I will switch to a single screen.

Following some new socket for the v2 of the case.

Chemical Brothers