I will stop for a bit (and goodbye OSX)

After updating my photo camera, my old Mac Mini from 2012, stuck on Catalina, is struggling to handle the photos, even after boosting RAM and SSD.

Even though the new Macintosh machines are good (as they always have been), and I am a fan of RISC processors, I really disagree with the soldered memory, and I don’t want to buy Apple products anymore..

I will keep the machine and install Linux instead.

Backing up and installing will take a bit longer, especially because I want to complete some projects and study for my job. Here are a few quick updates before catching up in September:


The GO version is coming up, but there are some issues when handling video streaming directly with the graphic library. I decided to add a 4G/LTE modem, as the previous tracking system was based on a 2G/GPRS network that has been shut down in some EU countries.

I will reduce any powering-up pain while trying to feed all the devices, using an industrial USB hub with all the fancy technical features to handle variable voltage, protection, and balance. The case needs a redesign.


I dismantled the water tanks to make some improvements: the fresh water tank now has a floating fuel sensor to measure the water level. I am not 100% happy with the choice as those sensors are exponential and not linear, and setting up the reading is a bit annoying, especially using Arduino. The previous system (with switches) was a bit rough but more precise and error-free.

The waste water tank now has a proper floating on/off sensor and a vent to avoid any bubbling or air blockage (wired, we had no issues at all during the first trip!).

All the support for the tanks is now rust-free using stainless steel rods.

The courtesy light has been fixed. It seems that the ceiling dome (which actually contains a computer inside!) suffered water damage (likely condensation), and all lights are back on track as they should be. Furthermore… I changed the color to blue to match the one in the living space.

For the next European Trip we will drive up to Bergen!

See you in September!!!

Nanowar + Warlock 2024


Alestorm & Korpiklaani

Severn, Shrewsbury & Ironbridge


RAF Museum Cosford

Wrekin and Horsehay

Melody Mod #3

The first release of the mod is ready and available for XBOX!

Using the material layer to overwrite the Dogmeat model has been successful, basic interactions has been set and is possible to trade (should have a 500 weight limit), set to stay and go home (only to the finding location for now).

I will test in game for now and start to work on some upgrades:

  • selectable home destination
  • create a mini quest to enable the follower
  • improve dialogue tree and options
  • setup the sneaking behaviour
  • create some special action to ‘calm down’ animal enemies
  • create a interaction with couch elements