Melody Mod #3

The first release of the mod is ready and available for XBOX!

Using the material layer to overwrite the Dogmeat model has been successful, basic interactions has been set and is possible to trade (should have a 500 weight limit), set to stay and go home (only to the finding location for now).

I will test in game for now and start to work on some upgrades:

  • selectable home destination
  • create a mini quest to enable the follower
  • improve dialogue tree and options
  • setup the sneaking behaviour
  • create some special action to ‘calm down’ animal enemies
  • create a interaction with couch elements



Melody FO4 mod: update #2

As been long time without working on Melody Mod, but I am trying to dedicate a bit of (night) time this month.

I have been able to modify the textures, as they was chained with the model by a material layer, it took me some time to realise how to change it.

Now I am looking to integrate the model inside the actual mod, that is ready, and also understand how to pack, export and publish into the XBOX One library.

Fallout 4 Melody mod

Working on a Fallout 4 mod to add Melody as companion. The mod is based on the Dogmeat model and customised to match Melody’s look and behaviour.