Campervan: April update

Two weeks to go and most of the work have been done. Only the water tanks need to be connected and wired, the system it’s a bit over engineered but should be solid.


To monitor the water levels I created a digital gauge:

  • a single FULL indicator light for waste tank
  • six different level for the fresh water
  • a momentary button to check the fresh water level


The fridge and the table have been installed too. The fridge required some modification due the position of the AC/DC switcher, placed on the back of the appliance. Is now moved in front and integrated in the kitchen control panel.


The control panel for the electric system will be ready as soon this week.


Campervan: March update

One month to go before holidays and most of the work has been done. The electric main skeleton is ready, just few things left:

  • setup the control panel
  • fridge
  • few lights

So far I am very happy with the battery (wasn’t cheap at all), the Dc-Dc Charger, the inverter, the fuse box and the schematics that I draw. From a quick test seems that everything work in safety, but I would like to do a full stress test.


As well the bed is almost done, just missing the two foldable legs (that I will complete today) and the locking system, probably created using two seatbelts.

The design of the bed changed a couple of times but the final system (my wife’s idea) is work just fine and is sturdy.


The kitchen is almost be ready too, the worktop with hob, sink and tap have been installed and is waiting for the hydraulic system.