Navigator, update

Long time from the latest post about the Campervan Computer System: Navigator.

The last week end I spent some time testing the wiring on the camper, and I had to find out that the previous tests did not include the A/V card (for the rear camera), currently powered by the Raspberry Pi.

This means that the system can’t boot properly due to lack of power. Raspberry Pi is not able to power two devices from usbs.

The two current buck converters that I planned to use are too bulky and not powerful enough anyway, so I had to consider some solutions:

  1. Using only one monitor
  2. Using two monitors but one only is touch-screen
  3. Create a custom board to feed each board separately

Obviously the best solution is the one that requires more work: number 3.

Creating a custom board will drastically reduce the size of the converter, solve any powering issue (one converter that have a single output for each module).

The design is in progress, it may be done purchasing pre-made boards, but not sure because it seems unusual having a stable 3A output on 5v.

Meanwhile, I had the chance to test the navigation system, and is faster than I expected.

Also, the 3D printer has been delivered and I can start to design the casing!

Everything must fit in this space (boards, power supply, wiring, connectors and fans)

Elegoo Neptune 3, not bad at all for the price! Still waiting for the filaments.

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