Navigator 9: Case ready to be installed!

After some buck converters burned out (and few nights), I have been able to setup all the components inside the case, and is now ready to be installed on board of the Nautilus.

Water Sensor

Redesigning the water sensor for the Nautilus. The new sensor will include a bluetooth module, to be able to check the water level while filling the tank.

Wyre Forest

Navigator 8: case improvements

A first version of the case has been printed and “tested”. Printing single panels and using glue to assembly has been successful, the glue does a good job.

Anyway I decided to improve the design adding better supports for the internal components and several amendments to improve ventilation and easy access to the Raspberry Pi SD Card.



We started the Return of The Witch Lord expansion for Hero Quest… and this was the first quest, just after opening the first door: ambush! (we survived at last)

Mam Tor