Water Sensor #2

The Water sensor is under development and I am trying to create as compact as possible circuit, using surface mount resistor and tiny leds (~ 2mm x 5mm)

The picture with the red arrow it show on left the old sensor and on right the new one.

Leds, Bluetooth module and the Arduino controller they should be fit in the same breadboard.

Nautilus: Awning and furniture improvements

I am working on some upgrades for the Nautilus:

  • Installing the awning (Fiamma F45s), that require some custom roofbars, under design.
  • Installing struts on upper cabinets (leaving it without has been proved to be a real pain)

Navigator #10

The Navigator has been installed in the Nautilus, the case is a bit small but fit perfectly if inside the cage!

Now I just need to create the arm for the driver’s screen and fix the GPS antenna.

As the hardware is ready, I can start to improve the software and start to move from the Python mock to a C++ version.