Blists Hill – Steampunk Weekend

Ironbdridge WWII 2023

Sixty Minute Man

Some other songs included in Fallout has been played 😀

Cannock Chase MTB

GPS Tracker #2

While setting up the software and infrastructure for the Tracker, some problems have been discovered.

The main one is that the Sim808  doesn’t use SSL, or isn’t reliable while using it.

I tried some different solutions:

  • Redirect non-https connections using CloudFront
  • Creating a custom PHP API on my running servers

Both solutions have been unsuccessful, also because seems that the module is stuck with HTTP/1, generating some more problems while sending complex messages.

Maybe a firmware upgrade could solve this issue, I will see this week.

Following a picture of the board that I am using: Sim808 Evb V3.2


Water Sensor #4

Some picture of the work in progress of the sensor, I should be able to keep it compact.

Canoing at Severn

A proper Sunny Weekend… FINALLY

Swingamajig 10th Anniversary

Swingamajig @ Birmingham’s Botanical Garden

Official event’s photos