50 Minimal (Nextbeat Mix)

I discovered an old Wacom DJ device, Nextbeat X-1000. It’s a wired all in one hardware that is capable to read digital files from a Compact Flash card.

A single touch jog wheel is shared between two channels (A and B), with separated (touch) pitch and volume cursors.

Furthermore, a sampler/phraser, a loop and a FX control are included… and the jog wheel can be ejected to enable the DJ to walk around while mixing, a kind of fun and unexpected thing, but the lack of ergonomic make all even more hard to control.

Feel very solid (Wacom is a well know brand for graphic tablet devices) but not the best device for professional use, not very intuitive.

The main issue is the sync algorithm and the pitch scale, the sync is not reliable at all and the pitch does not have an high resolution, so you need to constantly adjust the pitch… and sharing ONE jog wheel between two tracks does not make it easy at all, but a good planned playlist can help.

Following a 50 minute of minimal techno mix.