Lenovo (IBM) family

I have been Mac user since 2003, but since 2011 I discovered how good and versatile are the IBM (now Lenovo) machines.

There’s a reason why ThinkPads are widely used in the ISS: this machines are so reliable, easy to maintain and fix, compatible with most Linux distros and most important: hackable!

Starting with a X60s, when I was looking for something portable and powerful enough to carry when travelling, I ended up with a collection of Lenovo machines.

Here the current list, but more to come, of course!

P510: hi spec workstation for my wife, data analysis. Linux / W10

X250: wife’s work laptop

X230: i7 CPU version, SIM network, my laptop. W10 / Linux on USB

X240: wife’s everyday laptop. W10

X60s: consolle laptop (Traktor). W7

X60t: used as graphic tablet (Photoshop, projects, notes…). W7 Tablet

M58p: 6163 version, used to program Arduino and other electronic projects. Linux

E530: wife’s old everyday laptop, broken, will reborn as retroconsole emu. Linux

ThinkVision T2220: my main station secondary screen

My main machine is a Mac, but I am planning to change soon.