Blue John Cavern

P320 Wifi + BT

As I was using a dongle for both services, I bought an internal module and installed. Both services are working fine on Linux but the bluetooth does not run on Win 11.


Birmingham Christmas Market

The Hu – 3/12/2022


Ozric Tentacles + Gong – 29/11/2022


Melody FO4 mod: update #2

As been long time without working on Melody Mod, but I am trying to dedicate a bit of (night) time this month.

I have been able to modify the textures, as they was chained with the model by a material layer, it took me some time to realise how to change it.

Now I am looking to integrate the model inside the actual mod, that is ready, and also understand how to pack, export and publish into the XBOX One library.

Hero Quest, The Fellowship of Valinor

After testing the Hero Quest App with the original 1989 version, I decided to purchase the new one and a couple of expansions.

Good reboot overall, the App is functional and fun to play with… but the miniatures aren’t the same quality of the original version and the box is a bit a pain to organise.